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Wound healing has several phases. They are; hemostasis (stopping active bleeding), inflammation (removal of cell debris and bacteria), proliferation (new cell growth, collagen deposition, wound healing and wound contraction), and remodeling (collagen organization into stable tissue).

When repetitive stress injuries occur (tissues are under regular injury and stress). When old injuries won't heal the wound healing mechanisms have become stagnant and are not active.

RESTRUCTURE™, is a complex formula combining eastern and western medical approaches. It has been found very effective for stimulating the healing of old unhealed wounds and helping in conditions of repetitive stress injuries. The formula is designed to increase Kidney Yang which, in Chinese Medicine can be associated with stagnation conditions. RESTRUCTURE™ also acts by removing blood stasis or blood obstruction. This is also a Chinese medicine condition where a stagnation of circulation and lack of wound healing response is occurring.

In addition to the healing properties of Chinese Medicine contained in RESTRUCTURE™, the RESTRUCTURE™ formula contains herbs known to help with circulation and herbs with structural tissue building components making RESTRUCTURE™ the complete wound healer helper.

Use RESTRUCTURE™ for helping to stimulate wound healing inside or outside of the body. It is especially useful for old non-healed injuries and repetitive stress injuries.

RESTRUCTURE™ by Pacific Health Sciences (PHS) can be purchased online, or in; your natural health food pharmacy, Doctor's office, and select natural food store.

Suggested Use: Liquid: 60 drops - 3 times a day. Or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

RESTRUCTURE™ by PHS is available in liquid (2oz size)

PHS's proprietary CCPE™ (Conductive Crystalline Potentization Extraction) technique, insures the potency and purity of all PHS manufactured liquid homeopathic formulations.

PHS's proprietary CSE™ (Conductive Stabilization Extraction) technique, insures the potency and purity of all PHS manufactured liquid formulations.

PHS's cGMP guideline compliance, ensures the quality and potency of our raw materials and manufacturing process.

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