Testosterosa® 4 oz


1. Formulation that is naturally testosterogenic
2. Boost your desire and libido.
3. Fatigue
4. Energy

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PHS’ Testosterosa® 4 oz is a safe, natural way to support your body’s natural capacities to maintain energy, endurance, stamina, and physical health. Testosterosa is a safe and effective option for balancing androgen levels, includes herbs, nutraceuticals, and potentized homoeopathic medicines. Uses of Testosterosa Testosterosa is an herbal extraction base and is used to help naturally increase testosterone in males who are unable to manufacture enough of the hormone (e.g., hypogonadism), which is a common side effect of aging. The herbs are naturally testosterogenic and PHS’s extraction process enhances their viability. If you are looking for a safe and effective alternative that can be used on a regular basis, buy Testosterosa®. Testosterosa® is a registered trademark of Pacific Health Sciences (All Rights Reserved).


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