PS Balance 2 oz


1. The small size makes it easy to carry in your pocket.
2. The two-button design allows for quick and easy use.
3. Stability and over/underload indicators are built-in.

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PS Balance 2 oz is a solution that helps to balance the meridian between the pancreas and the spleen. The spleen and pancreas are linked in Chinese medicine because they both aid in the control and regulation of energy assimilation in the body. The pancreas helps to balance fluid and blood elements by producing vital enzymes and controlling blood sugar. The spleen, together with the kidneys, helps to regulate fluid and blood elements. As a result, the spleen energy directs the extraction of energy from the stomach to the lungs, where it is combined with energy from the air (oxygen) to create True Human Energy. This meridian is then linked to strong muscle tone and a calm demeanor. Irritability (splenic temperament) and loss of appetite can be caused by an imbalance in this meridian.


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