1. Reduces fatigue.
  2. Increases metabolism
  3. Increases weight loss
  4. Increases term energy
  5. Increases thyroid metabolism

Metastim comprises Vitamin and Mineral-Rich Herbs, Iodine Seaweed, and Rich Mosses, as well as Strengthening Tonic Herbs with revitalizing properties.
It’s a fantastic remedy for exhaustion or fatigue. Metastim, which comprises iodine-rich seaweed and mosses, protects the thyroid and aids in the increase of metabolism.

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How to fight fatigue and weight gain naturally.
Thyroid metabolism booster and fatigue fighting adaptogenic formula.
MetaStim is made up of vitamins and minerals-rich plants, Iodine-rich seaweeds and mosses, and strengthening tonic herbs with renewing properties. MetaStim It’s an excellent remedy for lethargy or exhaustion. MetaStim protects the thyroid gland and helps to increase metabolism because it contains iodine-rich seaweeds and mosses.


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