Activated Ionic Silver 16 oz


Made with 99.9% pure silver rods and pharmaceutical laboratory quality Pure Water (deionized water) “PHS’s Activated Ionic Silver™” contains a highly conductive concentration of charged silver ions.
Most biological studies suggest it is silver’s ionic characteristics that make it such a good germicide.

Activated Ionic Silver™ is guaranteed to have over 20 uS (microSiemens) EC and over 10ppm. Many colloidal silvers have a high ppm but are less effective, due to contamination with other molecules such as sodium chloride and other mixed salts and large molecule precipitation rates.

Made with only lab-certified pure DI water and pure silver, Activated Ionic Silver™ is the purest and most highly effective aqueous silver product on the market. PHS’s HCP™ (High Conductivity Performance) method of production, ensures safe small (nano colloidal) particle size and highly active conductivity creating the market’s most effective aqueous silver product.

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