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BIO-AVAILABLE ZINC 50 mg / Vit. C 400mg (NEW)

$28.00 $22.00
Product Name Bio Available Zinc/ Vit. C 60 caps Manufacturer Pacific Health Sciences Brand Name PHS Product ID PAC9922 Ingredients

Comfort Factors® 90 Caps

COMFORT FACTORS® BY PHS is a professionally formulated Nutraceutical product designed to help; balance the injury and inflammation response in

DiaBal 90 Caps

DIABAL by PHS is a multi faceted formulation whose ingredients are known to help balance circulatory nutrient levels for dietary

LiverClear 90 caps

PHS’s proprietary formulation LiverClear, is a powerful detoxification and astringent formulation to help clear the liver of toxins and upgrade

Neuroplasticity Factors™ 120 Caps

Neuroplasticity Factors™ by PHS is a professionally formulated nutraceutical product designed to help increase focus, attention and clarity. A powerful

New Tralis 24 cap

New Tralis is a complex, synergistic Chinese formula for the relief of allergies. The herbs in New Tralis reduce histamine


Turmeric Power is professionally formulated to help decrease inflammatory response by combining highly absorbable Turmeric and Curcumin with Proteolytic enzymes