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Milk Thistle is a powerful herb for the liver. It is used in Chinese medicine to clear heat and as a drainage remedy in toxic conditions increasing the flow of bile. It is known to have hepatoprotective properties, protecting the liver from damage. Milk Thistle has been shown to protect the liver and repair damage from toxin exposure and liver damage from long term prescription drug use.

Milk Thistle (Certified Organic) by PHS is available in a 1 oz size liquid environmentally protected glass bottle and in 90 capsule bottle.

Suggested Use: Liquid: 40-50 drops in a small amount of water - 3 times a day. Capsules: 2 capsules 3 times a day Or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

PHS's proprietary CSE™ (Conductive Stabilization Extraction) technique, insures the potency and purity of all PHS manufactured liquid formulations.

PHS's cGMP guideline compliance, ensures the quality and potency of our raw materials and manufacturing process.

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Bountiful Health

My Dr is very savvy and knows which products are the best. We both had some liver issues and she said it had to be this brand! Love the price. Taste is good and hoping to get our livers back to normal!

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