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LoVasc® is an all natural formula of traditional Ayurvedic herbs in a proprietary blend of bio-concentrate extractions. It is derived from an ancient Sanskrit formulation for help with normalization of circulatory and renal function. Research confirms the preferred use of herbal synergistic blends as opposed to single herbs in support of body functions. The synergistic herbs in LoVasc® help to; relax arterial tension, open the kidney channels, reduce inflammation and histamine reactions and increase cardiac output. LoVasc® also has an adaptogenic tonic effect on the system, helping to reduce side effects of over relaxation and decreased libido, common to many BP medicines.

Correct use of LoVasc® requires an in depth understanding and regular monitoring of your condition. Please refer to your health care professional and always monitor your BP daily. Please contact PHS, or have your health care provider contact PHS, for referrals and instructions.

LoVasc® can be used with or without other medication (no reported side effects).
Contraindications: Kidney or Liver conditions; severe depression.
Dosage: 1 - 4 a day in divided doses. Monitoring your BP helps you define your minimum effective dose.

LoVasc® by Pacific Health Sciences (PHS); Can be purchased at your natural health food pharmacy, Doctor's offices, and select natural food stores and is available in a 60 tablet bottle.

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